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We value our ecosystem

At C.L.E.A.R.™ or Clean Living Environmental and Recycling Inc., we sustain high standards concerning our products and services. This fact is notably true when it comes down to honouring our commitment concerning the environment. Our reasoning for this dedication is quite simple. We value our ecosystems, our fellow human beings, and all the other lifeforms present in the environmental ecosystems in which we all live in together. It is our most profound ambition to spread ecological awareness. Also, to give people proper advice and assistance regarding protecting the one world in which we all live. Also, we strive to do the best job we can, regardless of its size. We do more than merely abide by the procedural laws already set in place. We take everything a step further from following additional safety protocols to giving the most thorough work from start to finish.

High Quality Services

Our modern-day and nation-wide corporation has a very ambitious agenda. This statement is particularly accurate when it comes to servicing the public. We provide a broad range of high-quality services that are both reliable and sustainable. The services we offer to help you and the environment are residential as well as industrial recycling, oil removal, chemical disposal, safe waste disposal, and much more. We approach each project in a way that, by far, minimally reduces the risks of any harm coming to the health of the public or the delicate balance of nature. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Let the professionals take care of it

You can count on us to make the clean-up aspect of life as easy for you as possible. Sit back and let the professionals take care of your environmental related concern so you can get back to enjoying clean living again. Give us a call today toll free 1.844.AT.CLEAR. You are a phone call away from having a trust-worthy company to rely on with peace of mind. This statement holds real truth for either your home or business.

Environmental Health and Safety

Proper waste management, recycling, disposal, excavation, high pressure blast cleaning and so many other ecological services are just a mere phone call away! What is even more convenient is that it is nation-wide across Canada! Allow us to prove to you our level of environmental commitment as well as our pledge to public safety and health. Call us for a free quote today toll free 1.844.AT.CLEAR and put a swift end to all the legal problems, public safety hazards, ecological implications, and moral dilemmas now! Rest assured knowing your concern is safe in our hands.

Decontamination Solutions for COVID-19 pandemic

A C.L.E.A.R.™ priority is the safety and health of people worldwide.

As the COVID-19 causes disturbances worldwide it presents new challenges on many different levels for our professional network of highly-trained response teams, strategically prepared to support affected businesses or facilities with their decontamination requirements in this extraordinary time.

With a capacity to deploy across Canada, C.L.E.A.R.™ offers a national solution to customers during this COVID-19 pandemic. Response teams are equipped and ready to provide on-site decontamination services in a wide range of environments. Trained and stockpiled prepared for such situations, that can be called upon toll free 1.844.AT.CLEAR to mitigate contamination issues pertaining to COVID-19.

The following services are supported and more in decontaminating equipment or working spaces:
• Paramedic services
• Hospitals
• Universities and dormitories
• Office space
• Warehouses
• Factories and plants
• Residential and commercial housing/condos

An expedited deployment can be mobilized to help customers restore their essential services that could include:
• Power supply/ generators
• Tents and equipment
• Emergency management staff
• Technical expertise
• Situation reports (SITREPS)
• Forward planning

Call 1.844.AT.CLEAR with any inquiries.

Decontamination Solutions Decontamination Solutions Decontamination Solutions Coronavirus


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