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Ontario Ministry of the Environment MOE Waste Classes Handled by C.L.E.A.R.™

Waste Class - Description

111 - Spent pickle liquor

Acid solutions of sulphuric and hydrochloric acids containing ferrous salts from steel pickling.

112 - Acid solutions, sludges and residues containing heavy metals

Solutions of sulphuric, hydrochloric and nitric acids containing copper, nickel, chromium, zinc, cadmium, tin, lead, or other heavy metals; chromic acid waste; acidic emission control sludges from secondary lead smelting.

113 - Acid solutions, sludges and residues containing other metals and non-metals

Solutions of sulphuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and nitric acids containing sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium or aluminum; equipment cleaning acids; cation regenerant; reactor acid washes; catalyst acid and acid washes.

114 - Other inorganic acid wastes

Off-specification acids; by-product hydrochloric acid; dilute acid solutions; acid test residues.

121 - Alkaline solutions, sludges and residues containing heavy metals

Metal finishing wastes; plating baths; spent solutions containing metals such as copper, zinc, tin, cadmium; case hardening sludges; spent cyanide destruction residues; dewatered solids from metal and cyanide finishing wastes and cyanide destruction.

122 - Alkaline solutions, sludges & residues containing other metals & non-metals, not containing cyanides

Alkaline solutions from aluminum surface coating and etching; alkali cleaner wastes; waste lime sludges and slurries; anion regenerants.

123 - Alkaline phosphates

Bonderizing wastes; zinc phosphates; ferrous phosphates; phosphate cleaners.

131 - Neutralized solutions, sludges and residues containing heavy metals

Metal finishing waste treatment sludges containing copper, nickel, chromium, zinc or cadmium; neutral salt bath sludges and washes; lime sludge from metal finishing waste treatment; dewatered solids from these processes.

132 - Neutralized solutions, sludges and residues containing other metals

Aluminum surface coating treatment sludges; alum and gypsum sludges.

133 - Brines, chlor-alkai sludges and residues

Waste brines from chlor-alkali plants; neutralized hydrochloric acid; brine treatment sludges; dewatered solids from brine treatment.

134 - Wastes containing sulphides

Petroleum aqueous refinery condensates.

135 - Waste containing other reactive anions

Wastes containing chlorates; hypochlorite; bromate or thiosulphate.

141 - Inorganic waste from pigment manufacturing

Wastewaters and sludges from the production of chrome yellow, molybdate orange, zinc yellow, chrome green and iron pigments; dewatered solids from these sources.

142 - Primary lead, zinc and copper smelting wastes

Slurries, sludges and surface impoundment solids; treatment plant sludges; anode slimes and leachate residues; dewatered solids from these sources.

143 - Residues from steel making

Emission control sludges and dusts; precipitator residues from steel plants; dewatered solids from these sources.

144 - Liquid tannery waste sludges

Lime waste mixtures; chrome tan liquors; dehairing solutions and sludges.

145 - Wastes from the use of paints, pigments and coatings

Paint spray booth sludges and wastes; paper coating wastes; ink sludges; paint sludges.

146 - Other specified inorganic sludges, slurries or solids

Flue gas scrubber wastes; wet fly ash; dust collector wastes; metal dust and abrasives wastes; foundry sands; mud sediment and water; tank bottoms from waste storage tanks that contained mixed inorganic wastes; heavy sludges from waste screening /filtration at transfer/ processing sites not otherwise specified in this table.

147 - Chemical fertilizer wastes

Solutions, sludges and residues containing ammonia, urea, nitrates and phosphates from nitrogen fertilizer plants.

148 - Miscellaneous waste inorganic chemicals

Waste inorganic chemicals including laboratory, surplus or off-specification chemicals, that are not otherwise specified in this table.

149 - Landfill leachate

Surface run-off and leachate collected from landfill sites.

150 - Inert inorganic wastes

Sand and water from catch basins at car washes; slurries from the polishing and cutting of marble.

211 - Aromatic solvents and residues

Benzene, toluene, xylene solvents and residues.

212 - Aliphatic solvents and residues

Acetone, methylethylketone and residues, alcohols, cyclohexane and residues.

213 - Petroleum distillates

Varsol, white spirits and petroleum distillates, thinners.

221 - Light fuels

Gasoline, kerosene, diesel, tank drainings /washings/bottoms, spill clean-up residues.

222 - Heavy fuels

Bunker, asphalts, tank draining/washings/bottoms, spill clean-up residues.

231 - Latex wastes

Wastes latexes, latex crumb and residue.

232 - Polymeric resins

Polyester, epoxy, urethane, phenolic resins, intermediates and solvent mixtures.

233 - Other polymeric wastes

Off-specification materials, discarded materials from reactors.

241 - Halogenated solvents and residues

Spent halogenated solvents and residues such as perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene and carbon tetrachloride (dry cleaning solvents); halogenated still bottoms; residues and catalysts from halogenated hydrocarbon manufacturing or recycling processes.

242 - Halogenated pesticides and herbicides

2,4-D, 2,4,5-T wastes, chlordane, mirex, silvex, pesticide solutions and residues.

251 - Waste oils/sludges (petroleum based)

Oil/water separator sludge; dissolved air flotation skimming; heavy oil tank drainage; slop oil and emulsions.

252 - Waste crankcase oils and lubricants

Collected service station waste oils; industrial lubricants; bulk waste oils.

253 - Emulsified oils

Soluble oils; waste cutting oils; machine oils.

254 - Oily water/waste oil from waste transfer/processing sites

Waste oil and oily water limited to classes 251, 252 and 253 that have been bulked/blended/processed at a waste transfer/processing site.

261 - Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical and veterinary pharmaceutical wastes other than biologicals and vaccines, solid residues and liquids from veterinary arsenical compounds.

262 - Detergents and soaps

Laundry wastes.

263 - Miscellaneous waste organic chemicals

Waste organic chemicals including laboratory surplus or off-specification chemicals that are not otherwise specified in this table.

264 - Photo processing wastes

Photochemical solutions, washes and sludges.

265 - Graphic arts wastes

Adhesives, glues, miscellaneous washes; etch solutions.

266 - Phenolic waste streams

Cresylic acid; caustic phenolates; phenolic oils; creosote.

267 - Organic acids

Carboxylic or fatty acids; formic, acetic, propionic acid wastes; sulphamic and other organic acids that may be amenable to incineration.

268 - Amines

Waste ethanolamines, urea; tolidene, Flexzone waste, Monex waste.

269 - Organic non-halogenated pesticide and herbicide wastes

Organophosphorus chemical wastes; arsenicals; wastes from MSMA and cacodylic acid.

270 - Other specified organic sludges, slurries and solids

Tank bottoms from mixed organic waste bulking tanks at waste transfer sites, mixed sludges from waste screening filtration at waste transfer processing sites not otherwise specified in this table.

281 - Non-halogenated rich organics

Blended/bulked non-halogenated solvents, oils and other rich organics prepared at transfer/processing sites for incineration.

282 - Non-halogenated lean organics

Blended/bulked aqueous wastes prepared at transfer/processing sites for incineration and contaminated with nonhalogenated solvents, non-halogenated oils and other non-halogenated organics.

331 - Waste compressed gases, including cylinders

Methane (natural gas); nitrous or nitric oxide; propane, butane.

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